Cat Climbing and Scratching Trees

Cat Climbing and Scratching Trees




Can cat climbing and scratching tree be a stylish interior decoration element and eye-catcher in your living room? Yes! In our opinion climbing and scratching tree can definitely be design; your cat's elegant favourite place that withstands looks and time.

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Kissapuu cat tree was born by our own need. We did not find a cat tree in the market we would have wanted to have in our living room. It is important for the cat's well-being that it is able to carry out species-specific activity, i.e. to climb and manicure its nails. There is no longer a reason not to acquire a proper cat tree.


Even a cat becomes fond of long-lasting furnitures. Cat is by nature wise friend of nature and environment.



We designed Kissapuu which is

  • Scandinavian design, a furniture-like and petite - no doubt it pleases a cat owner who pays a lot attention to interior decoration. Kissapuu takes only a little space for why a cat climbing and scratching tree should be big and occupy a lot of floor space? A cat wants to climb up, as high as possible.
  • ​unique and easy to customise - fits interior decoration when ordered in different colour and material options, including customised room height. Thus, you can tailor a unique cat climbing and scratching tree that fits your home.
  • easy to assemble and modify, no need for drilling  - you can assemble Kissapuu alone without any tools. Assembling instructions won't cause migraine for we have been praised for simple instructions. Kissapuu stands firmly between the floor and the roof without permanent fastening, so that it can easily be relocated, e.g. in summertime in balcony with glazing. You can change the position and composition of the levels yourself as well, according to your cat home needs. 
  • firm and durable Scandinavian quality work using ecological materials - Kissapuu is made of high quality, ecological and durable materials. Worn parts can be replaced, you do upholster a quality sofa, don't you. No plastic or cardboard to create waste. A pole of metal withstands even pole dancing of a sturdy cat.
  • easy to keep clean - just wipe the wooden levels, vacuum the levels with felt. Separate sleeping pads are maschine-washable.
  • in addition to pre-made packages, you can also buy one part at a time according to the situation of your cat home.

Kissapuu is made to last your cat's lifetime. Make your choice - we make it possible.