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Cat's Joy Ltd (Kissan Ilo Oy)



Cats have been a part of my life for over 20 years. Over the years, I have tested different scratching and climbing trees of different prices. For years, I wondered where to get a tree that fulfills the cat's need for scratching and climbing; that would be of high quality, durable, unique, modifiable and that not take too much space. Could the cat tree be a stylish and decorative furniture at the same time? Why should I not manufacture the product myself?

Through my designer friend, I became acquainted with a designer carpenter who was inspired by the idea. As a result of our co-operation, we created a great product, Kissapuu cat tree. Now there is a sturdy cat scratching and climbing tree that can be assembled alone without permanent fastening. The Company, Cat's Joy Ltd (Kissan Ilo Oy) was born in July 2017.


Cat's Joy Ltd is a company based in Southwest Finland. The products are designed and manufactured in a designer carpentry workshop. Local upholsterer manufactures the sleeping pads.

Tuulevi Aaltonen, Katri Haavisto, Tiina Korhonen and Onni Larri have taken the pictures for the online shop.


We strive to do our part in reducing the disposable culture and environmental strain. We still remember the time you had to save to buy the product you wanted. Often the acquisition gave joy for a long time. The cat also becomes attached to the furniture that lasts from year to year. Kissapuu cat tree is a product that lasts the cat's entire lifetime. Worn parts can be upholstered like an armchair of quality.

We design and manufacture durable products of high quality using eco-friendly materials. The life cycle of a decorative and furniture-like product is increased by the possibility to tailor and choose the materials that suit your interior in the order phase. 

We all have animal friends with whiskers and tails in our homes. Animal activation and well-being are important for us. We co-operate with Dewi ry and support also other Finnish animal protection associations.

In addition to the high quality product, we want to offer first-class service. Our goal is to provide excellent customer experience.

Kissapuu cat tree designers are design, upholstery and carpentry professionals who are paid an appropriate compensation for their work. In addition to employment, we contribute in creating domestic well-being by paying all business-related payments and taxes to Finland.  

We are members of New Design Association



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Kissapuu products are designed for the happy co-existence of the owner and the cat.

- For the Love of Cats - 



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