Kissapuu_Cat_tree_design from finlandKIssapuu_cat_tree_design from finland

"The Design from Finland mark of the Association for Finnish Work can be awarded for a product, product group or service that strongly represents Finnish design competence. The mark tells that the company has invested in professional design and achieved business advantages through design. User-centered design is also a main criteria for getting the award." 4.6.2020


Klarna payment method is now available for our customers in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom. 

Depending on a country, different options are:

* Pay now (direct bank transfer)
* Pay later (invoice of 14 days) 
* Slice your payment 

Kissapuu cat tree klarna



Kissapuu Cat Tree was invited to a Finnish interior decoration TV program "Kotoisa".  See snapshots below.




New payment method is available for our Nordic customers (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) provided by AVARDA. Highly recommended!

In addition to direct bank e-payments and credit cards you can choose

  • 30 days interest free payment period      
  • No handling fee
  • You can also pay the minimum amount (or anything between that and the entire balance) and the remaining amount will be transferred to account (even for 36 months)

Kissapuu_desginer cat tree_payment methods_Avarda