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Thank you very much for your good service, and most of all, for the great product. We are very happy. The way you serve proves that you not only understand cats, but also the importance of dear pets for their owners. Ville and myself thank you. All the best for conquering the world!

- Helen Mäntymäki and Ville (Turku, Finland)


Full 10  ️ all cats surely love the tree so I myself could not than just recommend this to other cat households.

- Tiina Korhonen and Minni & Miisu (Kuopio, Finland)


Kissapuu is in heavy use now when I changed its place. Especially the sleeping perch is ergonomic. Cats compete who can sleep in it.

- Maija ja Armas, Lempi & Kaiho (Rauma, Finland)


Our cat enjoys her cat tree now when she is brave enough to climb up and there is no lack of speed :-). I found Kissapuu at the internet and have recommended it for other cat owners too.

- Meri and Aura (Pornainen, Finland)


Thanks for the fine Kissapuu cat tree, it fits very well to balcony. Muru cat slept the whole night at the balcony at top level of Kissapuu. She hasn't slept at balcony earlier. Now cats enjoy warm and own observing/sleeping place :-)

- Sauli & Virpi and Kaarna & Muru (Helsinki, Finland) (They have another Kissapuu inside their apartment)


Assembly of cat tree was easy, and our two bengali cats seem to like it a lot. I have browsed your cat trees for quite a while, but not dared to buy one. Anyway, I have to say that it was a good investment, a really good purchase!

 Tanja and Leo & Dex (Helsinki, Finland)


Cat tree is standing and it is ABSOLUTELY wonderful! It is really stylish and double perch is very good also for big cat only. I noticed it in the morning when Hessu, our big 2-year-old ragdoll, was sleeping on it very relaxed. Boy fulfilled it quite well :-) I can warmly recommend this climbing and scratching tree to everyone. I believe senior cats like it too although it is currently used by our youngsters!

- Johanna and Paavo, Hessu & Armas (Espoo, Finland)


Kissapuu climbing and scratching tree combines with quality, beauty and functionality. Cat tree fulfilled all expectations, it was easy to install and cat Myrtti started to use it inmediately.

- Lotta and Myrtti (Espoo, Finland)


Both cats like very much their Happiness cat climbing and scracthing tower. Younger (1,5 years) took it over right away, but the older one (10 years) only after I had acquires one extra platform and sleeping pad.

- Maria Mäntylammi and Sirja & Töpsy (Espoo, Finland)


Singapura Iida found the cat tree right away when it was ready installed for climbing.

- Kari Olli and Iida (Järvenpää, Finland)


Thank you for the fine cat climbing and scratching tree. It was easy to assemble, sturdy of structure and fits in interior decoration as well as a scratching tree can fit. Anyway, the best thing is that cats captured it inmediately. Most favourite platform is the sleeping level. I also value a lot that places of platforms can be changed. As cats age they may not be willing to climb up till ceiling.

- Vuokko Jokilehti and Lanka & Nallukka (Muhos, Finland)


I have had Kissapuu cat tree since January 2018 and am very satisfied with it. For a climbing/sleeping stand it is wonderfully elegant and requires only little space. New sleeping pad is a good addition to product selection, for my boys did not enjoy staying at platforms without cushion and current old pads come off the platform edge not looking good. Blanket was not good enough for them.

It was nice to notice that you have made product development: the platform I recently purchased had a reduced hole for the pole supported by corner parts.

- Kati and Kasper & Joonathan (Kuopio, Finland)


I hope photes speak for themselves. I started shooting as  the playing looked so nice. If Piu later has a pal, I probably will purchase another sleeping platform.

- Marjo Ahlqvist and Piu (Piispanristi, Finland)


 Peppi is so beautiful when sitting on her Cat Tree at balcony and following life at yard. Especially good is that Cat Tree takes so little floor space as I have a small apartment. In my opinon the tree is really fine.

- Tea and Pippi Longstocking: 2 Scandinavian Cat Trees inside and 2 at balcony (Turku, Finland)


Assembling cat tree was easy and it was well in advance at the corner of living room to wait for new family member. Our senior cat Nokinenä is not very interested in climbing and reacts suspiciously with everything new at home. So it is no surprise that it has not done closer acquaintance with cat tree. Jeti-kitten instead, at his first day at home, was brave enough to climb up to the top level of cat tree. Jeti thinks it is great to climb to tree while running wild and it is nice to take naps at the top level in evenings.

- Pirita and Jeti & Nokinenä (Rusko, Finland)


Lucy and Cindy thank for their Cat Tree and wish for a Merry Christmas!

- Arja Väätäinen and Lucy & Cindy (Helsinki, Finland)




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