Kissapuu cat tree was born by our own need. We did not find a cat tree in the market we would have wanted to have in our living room. Within time our collection has grown based on customers' wishes.

It is important for a cat's well-being that it is able to carry out species-specific activity, i.e. to climb and manicure its claws. Whether your cat is a pole dancer or wall climber, our collection provides you a design cat furniture that represent ageless Finnish style withstanding time and looks.

Climbing and scratching trees

You can choose pre-made packages Happiness Cat Tree or Dream Cat Tree or you can design your unique cat tree by choosing plaforms from our selection.


Novelty collection for wall climbing

Our collection contains cat wall shelves and ladders for cats' wall climbing. Shelves and ladders are especially aimed for small spaces providing a chance for an adventure and napping at higher room heights.

Shelves and ladder are designed so that they can be used also for displaying books, flowers or decorative items. We sell them also to you who doesn't have a cat - yet.


Sleeping pads/cushions, toys and gift cards

For Kissapuu cat tree platforms we have made cushions of fabric or goat fur. And could there be any better gift idea for a cat home than a gift card? Click below photos or links to get product pages.

NOTE! Currently we ship to Australia, Europe and North America. For deliveries to other countries, kindly contact us