Cat Trees

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You can choose pre-made packages Happiness Cat Tree or Dream Cat Tree or you can design your unique cat tree by choosing plaforms from our selection.

Materials you can select from the following options:

Finnish_designer_cat_tree_stylish_cat_furniture_to customize

HAPPINESS CAT TREE climbing and scratching tree pre-made package contains a pole and three platforms: round, step and perch.

DREAM CAT TREE climbing and scratching tree pre-made package contains a pole and three levels: round, step and nest. All platforms are coated with felt.


DESIGN YOURSELF a customized and unique cat climbing and scratching tree for your home from the parts of Kissapuu below

  • pole and
  • perches or platforms: step, round, perch, nest, hammock, double, crip or ping pong.

You will need 2-5 levels for your tailor made Kissapuu. The levels/platforms can all be the same or different. You can order a platform with or without felt. Selectable materials are as described above. Examples of various Kissapuu Cat Tree combinations: