Dream Cat Tree Pre-made Package

Dream Cat Tree Pre-made Package


Dream cat climbing and scratching tree pre-made package contains a pole and three levels/perches with felt: round, step and a nest. Felt materials of selection for the nest and other levels are: beige, grey, anthracite or red.

For wooden material of the levels, you can choose either oak veneer or birch plywood as wood material.

For rope material of the pole, you can choose a sisal, manila or artificial hemp rope. 

Standard room height of cat climbing and scratching tree is 240-263 cm (7.8 - 8.6 ft). If you have a room height of more than 263 cm (8.6 ft). we can manufacture a higher pole of approximately 300 cm (9.8 ft) at an additional charge of 32 € / 335 SEK / 309 NOK / 239 DKK / 27 GBP / 36 USD.

When ordering a product, choose room height "above 263 cm" (8.6 ft). When ordering, please specify the exact room height in centimetres (cm) or in feet (ft) as additional information (at the end of the order: ordering and delivery notes) to get a customised pole. You can also contact us by e-mail:

See more information in the below product descriptions.



Your order will be delivered from Cat's Joy Ltd within 5-10 working days unless otherwise informed. 

GLS Euro Business or Global Business Parcel will ship your order to the delivery address in a few days. After the first delivery attempt, the parcel(s) will be transported to a local pickup point. In Sweden, all shipments under 20 kg will be delivered to a pickup point.

The delivery cost of a cat tree is 56 € / 610 SEK / 455 NOK / 435 DKK / 50 GBP / 99 USD including pole, levels and sleeping pads.

Please note! NORWAY and NORTH AMERICA: all prices are 0 % VAT. Taxes and duties may be collected at delivery to be paid by customer.