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Product Information





Kissapuu design cat climbing and scratching tree is manufactured in a carpentry workshop In Naantali, a stone throw from Turku, Finland. Products are high quality works of Finnish design and manufacturing. Kissapuu cat tree is long-lasting, almost eternal. 



Parts of the Kissapuu pole are made of metal, and thus the pole withstands even pole dancing of bigger cats.

The pole is coated with a 12 mm thick rope material that withstands the cat's nails and scratching. The rope material options are:

  • sisal rope made of agave fibre growing in the nature. The rope is a non-stretchable, rough-surfaced natural product and natural colour.
  • manila rope made of abaca natural fibre. The rope is also rough-surfaced and lightly oiled (oils are paraffin-based white and mineral oils). Manila rope is darker in colour than sisal. Not recommended for the very sensitive or allergic.
  • artificial hemp made of synthetic polypropylene. The colour is natural, almost like real hemp.

​The product comes with instructions for replacing ropes and felt covers.

Wood material for the levels/perches are oak veneer or birch plywood originating in Finland, Europe or North America. All are responsibly produced and certified.

The levels are coated with a strong knit felt with excellent wear-resistance - including cat nails.

The sleeping pads are made of off-white 100 % cotton fabric (duffel bag fabric). The base fabric is made of off-white anti-skid fabric. Cotton wool is used in between as padding.

The sleeping pad can be washed in a machine in 60 degrees. Fabrics may shrink in laundry by approx. 3 %.



Assembling Kissapuu cat climbing and scratching tree is easy, it can be done alone even without any tools. Tighten the pole by turning it firmly between the floor and the roof. It is important to follow instructions provided with the product. We provide assembly instructions and everything else needed for assembly with the product.