Sleeping pads & toys



Textile sleeping pads of Kissapuu levels are made of off-white 100 % cotton fabric (duffel bag fabric). The same fabric is also used to manufacture the fabric part of the hammock and crip level.

The base fabric of the sleeping pad is off-white anti-skid fabric that helps the pad stay in place. Cotton wool is used in between as padding of the sleeping pad and crip textile.

Sleeping pads and separate textile parts can be washed in a machine in 60 degrees. Fabrics may shrink in laundry by approx. 3%.



- round pad for perch

round pad with velcro for a round perch or perch. The velcro can be attached around the pole.

double sleeping pad for a double perch



BEDS THAT CAN BE ORDERED SEPARATELY for hammock or crip level (e.g. as spare parts):

bed for the hammock level

bed for the crip perch




Round sleeping pads for perch platform are also available with goat fur. For double perch goat furs in natural shape are available. There is only one pad of each available. Colours of fur are animal-specific, no identical exits.

All 4 cats of test group love sleeping pads with goat fur. One of the cats first ended up for a small "wrestling" with a pad, but calmed down to enjoy sleeping with a warm and soft fur. One customer cat has devoted to nurse it and have the fur in order.


Origin of goat fur:

Goat fur comes from a small organic farm, called Saloniemen juustola (, specilialized in producing milk and cheese. These aborginal Finnish goats live very natural life. They are not breeded to exploit their fur. Usage of fur is a way to honour valuable and beautiful animals for the last time.


KISSAPUU_vuohentalja_goat_fur_cat_furnitureKISSAPUU_vuohentalja_goat_fur_design_furnitureKissapuu double perch goat fur


Note! Wooden levels/perches in the pictures are not included in orders of sleeping pads. See more about wooden levels in Cat trees pages.



We use goat fur also to produce toys for cats. A toy consists of a rope and 8-12 cm /3.15 - 4.72 in long tuft of goat fur. All toys are unique, there is no two similar ones.

Your cat surely gets excited about this a bit different toy. If you are not sure whether your cat would like a sleeping pad of goat fur, order first a toy for testing.



Your order will be delivered from Cat's Joy Ltd within 5-10 working days unless otherwise informed. 

GLS Euro Business or Global Business Parcel will ship your order to the delivery address in a few days. After the first delivery attempt, the parcel(s) will be transported to a local pickup point. In Sweden, all shipments under 20 kg will be delivered to a pickup point.

The delivery cost of a sleeping pad is 19 € / 215 SEK / 165 NOK / 152 DKK / 17 GBP / 59 USD /75 CAD. Australia: 61 €, 54 GBP or 69 USD.

Please note! AUSTRALIA, NORWAY and NORTH AMERICA: all prices are 0 % VAT. Taxes and duties may be collected at delivery to be paid by customer.