Cushions for round platforms

Textile sleeping pads/cushions

  • Round and 
  • round with velcro for a round perch or perch. The velcro can be attached around the pole.

Textile sleeping pads/cushions of Kissapuu levels are made of off-white 100 % cotton fabric (duffel bag fabric). 


Fluffy sleeping pads/cushions of goat fur/skin

Round sleeping pads/cushions for perch platform are also available with organic goat fur. There is only one pad or skin of each available. Colours of fur are animal-specific, no identical exits. 

All cats love sleeping pads with goat fur. One may start "wrestling" with a pad, but calms down to enjoy sleeping on a soft fur. Some cats nurse the fur by licking "the hair" in order.

KISSAPUU_cat tree_vuohentalja_goat_fur_design_furniture

Goat fur skins in interior decoration

Goat fur is a wonderful, ecological interior decoration item and warmer at chairs. 

design cat tree design kissapuukissapuu goat skins for chairs vuohentaljat tuolillekissapuu goat skins for chairs vuohentaljat tuolillekissapuu vuohentaljat kissapuu goat skins

Plants & decorations: Kukat Anniina Jaala

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Origins of the goat furs

Goat furs come from a small organic farm ( specilialized in producing milk and cheese. These aborginal Finnish goats live very natural life. They are not breeded to exploit their fur. Usage of fur is a way to honour valuable and beautiful animals for the last time.

Origin of goat furs - watch youtube video here