Cushions for double perch

Textile sleeping pad/cushion for double perch

Textile sleeping pads/cushions of Kissapuu levels are made of off-white 100 % cotton fabric (duffel bag fabric). 


Fluffy sleeping pad of goat skin for double perch

Goat skin is in its natural shape. There is only one skin of each available. Colours of fur are animal-specific, no identical exits.

All cats love sleeping pads with goat fur. One may start "wrestling" with a pad, but calms down to enjoy sleeping on a soft fur. Some cats nurse the fur by licking the hair in order.


Goat fur skins in interior design

NOTE! Some furs are bigger and thus suit better e.g. for hammock level, on the floor or sofa. Goat fur is a wonderful, ecological interior decoration item and warmer at chairs, balcony chairs or at floor.

KISSAPUU_91_KUVAKAS_93_KISSAPUU2021-3-100214_240x300design cat tree design kissapuukissapuu vuohentaljat kissapuu goat skins kissapuu vuohentaljat kissapuu goat skinskissapuu goat fur skins for interior decoration vuohentaljat sisustukseenKissapuu designed for a cat's lifetimeKissapuu cat furniturekissapuu vuohentaljat kissapuu goat skinskissapuu vuohentaljat kissapuu goat skins 

Plants & decorations: Kukat Anniina Jaala

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Origin of the goat furs

Goat furs come from a small organic farm ( specilialized in producing milk and cheese. These aborginal Finnish goats live very natural life. They are not breeded to exploit their fur. Usage of fur is a way to honour valuable and beautiful animals for the last time.

Origin of goat furs - watch youtube video here