Can cat climbing and scratching tree be a stylish interior decoration element and eye-catcher in your living room? In our opinion yes! We designed a Kissapuu Cat Tree that represents ageless Scandinavian and Finnish style.

Kissapuu cat tree was born by our own need. We did not find a cat tree in the market we would have wanted to have in our living room. It is important for the cat's well-being that it is able to carry out species-specific activity, i.e. to climb and manicure its nails. There is no longer a reason not to acquire a proper cat tree!

You can choose pre-made packages Happiness Cat Tree or Dream Cat Tree or you can design your unique cat tree by choosing plaforms from our selection.


For platforms we have made sleeping pads of fabric or goat fur. And could there be any better gift idea for a cat home than a gift cardClick below photos or links to get product pages.



Cat Trees

Kissapuu high quality cat tree provides your cat with ultimate outdoor climbing experience without ever leaving the safety and comfort of your living room. 

Design your own custom cat tree online to fit your home interior design. Choose different tree levels and arrange them as you wish.

Sleeping pads & toys

Our handmade cat sleeping pads provide the best comfort for your cats. 

Gift Cards

Make someone's day with our fantastic gift card offers! With our gift card you can remember your loved one. It's certainly a pleasing gift to receive!