Many reasons to choose Kissapuu Cat Tree


Ageless design

We designed a modern Kissapuu Cat Tree of Scandinavian style. A furniture-like and petite cat tree no doubt pleases cat owners who are conscious of their interior decoration.

Kissapuu takes only a little space for why a cat climbing and scratching tree should be big and occupy a lot of floor space? A cat wants to climb up, as high as possible.

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Durable – one life is enough

It is said that cats have nine lives, but with Kissapuu one life is enough. Kissapuu is made of high quality, ecological and durable materials. Worn parts can be replaced, you do upholster a quality sofa, don’t you. No flimsy plastic or cardboard is used which also helps us to cut waste. A metal pole at its core means it will withstand even pole dancing of the sturdiest of cat.

Even a cat becomes fond of long-lasting furniture. Cat is by nature a wise friend of nature and environment.

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Uniquely customized

You can choose color and material options that fit your interior decoration, including customized room height. The number of platforms and their position in the pole can be adjusted to your cat home needs, thus creating a unique cat climbing and scratching tree.

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No need for drilling

No wall damage, no need for drilling. Kissapuu stands firmly between the floor and the ceiling without permanent fastening. You can easily relocate Kissapuu, e.g. in summertime in a balcony with glazing.

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Easy to assemble

A single person can manage the assembly of Kissapuu. Assembling instructions won’t cause migraine for we have been praised for simple instructions. We will provide you with all the necessary tools.

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For wall climbing

If your cat is more like a wall climber, see our selection of shelves and ladders. They are especially aimed for small spaces providing a chance for an adventure and napping at higher room heights. Shelves and ladders are designed to be used also for displaying books, flowers or decorative items. Modern functional design. We sell them also to you who doesn't have a cat - yet.

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Cat food stands & bowls

We have cat food serving tables in our selection too. Many cats prefer to eat from an upper level than floor, especially senior cats suffering from osteoarthritis. As every cat home already has several foot bowls, you can use them on our food stand. If you want to buy new bowls, we recommend bowls from Finnish Venandi of our selection - they are ecological and stylish. We even sell these feeding stands for dogs and displaying decorative items.

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