Dream Cat Tree pre-made package

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Cat climbing/scratching tree

Dream cat climbing and scratching tree pre-made package contains a pole and three levels with felt: round, step and a nest.


For wood material you can choose either oak veneer or birch plywood (the wood material of Cat Tree in the picture is birch plywood).

For felt material of a nest and other levels, you can choose a colour of beige, grey, anthracite or red (colour in the picture is grey). Separate sleeping pads of fabric or goat fur are also available.  Also, you can buy a separate felt from us later, see spare parts.

You can locate the levels to the pole as you wish.




For rope material of the pole, you can choose a sisal, manila or artificial hemp rope (manila rope in the picture).

We provide you with the instructions that help you to replace worn ropes later on. You can buy rope from us, see spare parts.

Standard room height of cat climbing and scratching tree is 240-263 cm (7.8 - 8.6 ft / 94.49 - 103.54 in). If you have a room height of more than 263 cm (8.6 ft / 103.54 in) we can manufacture a higher pole of approximately up till 300 cm (9.8 ft / 118.11 in) at a small additional charge (see below table). If the room height is higher, contact us before placing an order.

Customer service: info@kissapuu.com

Choose room height "above 263 cm" (8.6 ft / 103.54 in). When ordering, please specify the exact room height in centimetres (cm) or in feet (ft) / inches (in) as additional information (at the end of the order: ordering and delivery notes) to get a customised pole. 

The pole is to be assembled to a solid and firm floor, assembly to floor with carpeting is at customer's liability.

Special cases

We recommend a firm customized wall support for heights above 290 cm / 9.6 ft / 114.17 in. See drawing above.

In case the ceiling is sloping, we can make you a tailored part to be fixed to ceiling in order to assemble the pole. 

If you move and the room height alters, you only need to adquire a new upper pole. You don't need to buy a completely new cat tree or pole.

If ceiling material is "flexible", you may need a separate ceiling plate.

More levels to your Kissapuu Cat Tree here.

See Kissapuu as part of interior decoration here.


Cost of higher pole 

> 263 cm/8.6 ft/103.54 in

Price of Dream Cat Tree

non-EU countries

0 % VAT

Delivery cost of Dream Cat Tree 

(incl. pole, levels & sleeping pads)

(non-EU countries 0 % VAT) GLS & Fedex


Home delivery

EURO 37 605-675 74 EU, 60 Europe non-EU, 114 North America, 232 Australia, 157 Malaysia & Singapore, 236 UAE 43 Sweden, 55 Belgium & Netherlands, 63 France & Luxembourg
GBP* 31-32 527-590 53 UK  
USD* 43-44 718-802 134 North America, 255 Australia, 184 Malaysia & Singapore, 201 UAE  
CAD* 55-57 922-1030 177 Canada  

*Variation due to exchange rate rounding

** Price depends on materials and room height chosen


Your order will be delivered from Cat's Joy Ltd within 5-10 working days unless otherwise informed. 

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More info about deliveries in FAQ.

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Note! See colours of materials also in small pictures above.



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